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GeoKonect is the Online Community Platform for Designers, Regulators and Installers of Geosynthetic Liner Systems

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Community collaboration

Connect & Collaborate with Industry Professionals on a Global Scale

GeoKonect has been developed to provide design engineers with the opportunity to connect and collaborate with like-minded professionals on a global scale.


Whether you would like to learn from a work colleague who is in a different country, exchange knowledge with a fellow industry professional, or just want to feel part of a community, the GeoKonect platform has you covered.


Support us by allowing us to create an article about your unique experience or project related to geosynthetics in containment. Use the link below to fill in your project details.

Inclusive of all engineers
engineer interacting with GeoKonect platform

Exchange Knowledge and Share Ideas with Group Video Calls

Members of GeoKonect can take part in small or large group video calls. This platform feature allows like-minded people with similar interests to connect, collaborate and exchange knowledge on various topics related to geosynthetics.


Group video calls can be planned events or spontaneous chats, they can be between a group of friends, colleagues or other stakeholders who value people's opinions and expertise on geosynthetics.

Live Chat with Industry Professionals Across the Globe

Sometimes members of a community platform want real-time chat and spontaneous conversations.


Unlike posts that prompt deeper discussions on specific topics, the live chat feature allows people to easily and conveniently jump in and out of conversations more informally and casually.


The live chat feature is also a quick and easy way to connect through the @ symbol with other members including resident experts, academics and other industry professionals.

community involvement
screenshot of the GeoKonect community platform
senior engineer
screenshot of the GeoKonect community platform

Boost Your Credibility through Writing and Blogging Competitions

Members of GeoKonect are encouraged and even incentivised through writing competitions to post and comment on technical content related to geosynthetics used in the design of waste and liquid containment facilities.


The post feature allows members to upload blogs, opinion pieces and technical articles that not only can boost the member's credibility and reputation amongst their peers but also give them a chance to win financial rewards.

Connect, Collaborate and Excel Inside the GeoKonect Ecosystem

schematic of the way user interact with the GeoKonect platform

If You Are Looking to Connect with Like-Minded Design Engineers, Regulators, Asset Owners and Contractors with an Interest in Geosynthetics.

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